Kieran Canavan

Kieran Canavan

Chief Investment Officer

Kieran joined Centric Wealth in 2003 in the role of Head of Lending, before joining the Findex Group Management Team as a result of its 2014 acquisition. Kieran is now Chief Investment Officer for the Findex Group.

Kieran began working in the financial services industry in 1992 as a Financial Adviser for premier clients of The Standard Bank, one of South Africa's top four banks. By 1997 he was heading up special projects within Standard Bank, centred around mortgage securities, products and risk mitigation for the then emerging low cost housing mortgage markets.

In 1997 Kieran immigrated to Australia after been tasked with starting up a new venture for an international manufacturing, import and redistribution company based in Sweden, Poseidon AB. Kieran took this company from start up through to eventual successful trade sale in 2002.

Following the sale of his previous venture, Kieran moved back into the Financial Services industry in the field of mortgage origination. He setup and managed a small boutique mortgage company before selling the business to Centric Wealth in late 2003.

Kieran’s other responsibilities include:

  • Vice Chair and convener of AIC and PCC
  • Responsible Manger of the Group Funds Management business and Responsible Entity
  • Senior management and administration roles in community based volunteer and not for profit organisation

Kieran’s studies include a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Financial Management, Diploma in Lending, and various industry qualifications including RG 146 and AFMA Responsible Manager Qualifications. Kieran is also a graduate member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.