3 signs of a top-notch accountant


An accountant can be many things: A trusted adviser, confidant or even your partner in tax planning. They're key to ensuring that you get the most out of any financial decisions you make.

When choosing an individual for a role as important as this, you'll obviously do all you can to ensure you're being assisted by a qualified and effective person. What are the signs that the accountant you've chosen is a star?

Frequent, timely communication

Like any relationship, communication with your accountant is key. As your trusted steward through the world of taxation and finance, a good accountant will be easily reachable whenever you have a request. This is increasingly possible in today's world, with the myriad forms of communication out there.

They will also respond to your queries in a timely manner. This is especially important when it comes to the end of the financial year, as things get busier and more urgent.

Finally, if you're receiving regular catch-up calls from your accountant, you can be sure you've found the one.

Statements come on time

Receiving relevant financial statements and reports is crucial to your financial success. It's with this data that you can go on to make informed decisions about where to take your finances in the future.

A quality accountant will send you these documents without you even having to ask for them, and they will be accurate and trustworthy. It's all about giving you a seamless, helpful service for managing your wealth.

The price is right

Getting the specialist, expert assistance of an accountant isn't a free lunch. That said, a quality accountant knows when it's appropriate to charge fees, informs you of them in a timely manner, and charges a fair and consistent price.

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